Legendary UK imprint Skint Records has tapped the duo of Miguel Campbell and Jimmy Switch for a new two track EP.

“Be The Night” is backed with “I’ll Be You (Again)” and features the second recent collaboration between Campbell and Switch. The two UK producers just dropped “Calculate The Gap” in February on Campbell’s Outcross Black imprint.

“We have been excited about this release as it is our first extended play record together,” the producers say. “Although both of our unique production values are different, our sounds complement each other in many ways and it was fun to experiment, we think you can hear this in the way that the EP turned out.”

How it turned out is, in a word, unexpected. “Be The Night” and “I’ll Be You (Again)” have a dreamy synth pop ambience to them, punctuated with a hard Italo spikiness and dubbed out deep vibes.

“Be The Night”/”I’ll Be You (Again)” will be released on May 1st 2020 via Skint Records.


1. Miguel Campbell & Jimmy Switch: Be The Night
2. Miguel Campbell & Jimmy Switch: I’ll Be You (Again)