Charlotte de Witte’s KNTXT label is moving fast and breaking shit in the process. In a departure from the first three releases which featured Charlotte’s own music (the fist, Liquid Slow, in collaboration with Chris Liebing), KNTXT opens up 2020 with Left The Planet from techno sophisticado Sascha Borchardt aka Monoloc.

It’s the outlier from the EP, but I have to sign off on the final track. “Sky Is Broken” is the muddy atmospheric acid dream you were put on this earth to experience:

Monoloc’s Left The Planet EP was released February 7 from KNTXT. Get it here or listen to the rest of it on Spotify.


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Artist: Monoloc
Title: “Sky Is Broken” (from Left The Planet EP)
Label: KNTXT
Release Date: February 7 2020