Straight outta nowhere, Ninja Tune has dropped a new remix from Moodymann of “What Not To Do,” an unreleased track ahead of Róisín Murphy’s forthcoming album Hit Parade out September 8, 2023.

Moodymann turns it down here, a remix bursting with jazz vibes and a signature evocative of a classic percussionist/bandleader like the legendary Art Blakey. You can hear the melody in the drums on “What Not To Do,” they sing in time with Róisín Murphy (joined by KDJ’s own voice in passages). Beautiful, downtempo stoned-sunglasses-at-night music for the deep heads.

“What Not To Do” is available today on just about every platform in the world including via Bandcamp.

Listen to this:

“I’m mad about Moodymann, he’s one of my favourite artists making music now,” Murphy said in a release. “It’s such a thrill and treat for me to have a remix by him and it’s a brilliant mix, time to get those Jazz Dance moves out!”

Róisín Murphy’s Hit Parade “continues her ever evolving, shape-shifting 30 year career, looking towards the future by joining forces with DJ Koze to conjure blissful music that teems with life and imagination. A hyper-modern record which is a world away from 2020’s critical and commercial success of Róisín Machine, it further cements Murphy as a total one of a kind at a creative peak, a constantly inquisitive and restless spirit who is unmatched.”

Róisín Murphy press shot by Nik Pate