Italian producer Nico Lahs is releasing his debut album, titled Freedom, this month on Beijing-based Adeen Records.

Born in Bari, Nicola Loporchio burst onto the scene with a series of records for Poker Flat, Ovum, LNOE and Rue De Plaisance in the early 2010s. Acknowledging a “relatively quiet” period over the last five years (though he opened up a stash of great remixes recently), Freedom reflects a roots-driven love of music that weaves jazzy hip-hop and downtempo grooves with Detroit-cultivated deep house. It works to remarkable effect on tracks like “Can’t Get Enough,” clipped here:

Freedom is another huge record from Adeen, whose previous releases from Alton Miller, Lee “Scratch” Perry and Alexander Robotnick (featuring an incredible Kai Alce remix) wound up on tons of best-of-2019 lists.

Nicol Lahs’ Freedom LP is out on 2×12″ vinyl at the end of May. Preview the album below or pre-order on Juno here.

A1. Nico Lahs: “Freedom”
A2. Nico Lahs: “A Beautiful Thing”
B1. Nico Lahs: “Never Come”
B2. Nico Lahs: “Can’t Get Enough”
C1. Nico Lahs: “Inside Your Love”
C2. Nico Lahs: “Call Me”
D1. Nico Lahs: “Deep Da Futa”
D2. Nico Lahs: “Nu Frontiers”


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Artist: Nico Lahs
Title: Can’t Get Enough (from Freedom LP)
Label: Adeen Records
CAT: AR 006
Release Date: May 25 2020