Everywhere in this scene I hear people say how they dig, DJs talking about looking for records they can break big, records that are fresh and relatively undiscovered.

Here is one of the men that makes them. Detroit’s Niko Marks is astonishingly prolific (Discogs lists 30 albums. I said albums.) Each of them are embedded with deep house gems.

Niko was Bandcamp House before Bandcamp existed, pushing out these tracks on CDRs and mp3s via his U2X Productions. A lot of them (but by no means all) now have a home on his bandcamp page, where you can find “Carnal,” his bangin’ new release that dropped last week like a foot in the face in the name of funk:

DJs can pick it up on Bandcamp.


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Artist: Niko Marks
Title: Carnal Vocal Mixes
Label: U2X Productions
CAT: U2X0082
Release Date: Digital Out July 5 2019