Niko Marks headshot

Niko Marks is someone whose name I flip through at least every month, if not for new tracks then for older gems. He makes great tracks ranging from Deep House to Techno to nebulous electronic music with a jazzy touch. The world has been sleeping on his tracks and we’re going to start kicking at the foot of the bed to wake them the hell up to this inexhaustible source of great music.

And here is a good opportunity: Niko’s U2xProductions has just released a 14 track Detroit Compilation. It’s not only Niko Marks’ show here but a lot of it is (under some of his better-known production aliases) and if you can judge an artist by the tracks he curates, then all of it is. Here it is on Bandcamp:

And for streaming on Spotify:


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Artist: Various Artists
Title: U2X Productions Detroit Compilation
Label: U2X Productions
Release Date: Out Now (digital)