I first heard about NONE SOUNDS from Global Voices, a Dutch non-profit that publishes stories of interest to the human rights community. That’s a pretty weird place to look for new acid bangers but that’s what I found on this track “Mad,” originally packaged on the EP Tarim (For The Future) released by Airfono.

NONE SOUNDS are a pair of Uyghur electronic musicians who now live in Europe; their sound is deeply analog — euphoric and quasi-progressive at times and at others staying down in the grime, as on “Mad.” Driving beats thrust ahead of a rumbling, earthy groove and 303 patterns that just keep bubbling up and rising. Great stuff.

NONE SOUNDS: Mad (Airfono / Digital / December 2022)
1. NONE SOUNDS: Mad (3:53)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


Originally published in 5 Mag issue 203 featuring Beyond Heaven: reconstructing Chicago house music history through Mario “Liv It Up” Luna’s flyer collection, plus Milton Jackson, Damian Rausch, the DJ King of Donetsk & more. Help support 5 Mag by becoming a member for just $1 per issue.

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Photo via NONE SOUNDS on Bandcamp