Patrice Scott is the marksman that never fails, and lends his production wizardry to the best track on a new EP of remixes from Session Victim‘s latest LP, Needledrop.

Session Victim recruited five remixers “who play and work in quite different areas and genres” but all of whom “have had a substantial impact on us, musically and/or personally over the years.”

Patrice Scott’s remix of “Isle of Taste” from the 2020 album drives “Pacific State” down through Detroit’s Bricktown. Full of lush chords and wave after wave of dopamine synths, “Isle of Taste” is a downtempo dreamscape built around Patrice Scott’s signature steely percussion. Listen up:

Other remixers on the 5 track EP include Laurence Guy, Jackmate (aka Soulphiction), Dday One and Panoram. Needledrop Remixed is out June 12, 2020 on Night Time Stories.

1. Needledrop (Laurence Guy Remix)
2. Still High (Jackmate’s Juke Rework)
3. Isle of Taste (Patrice Scott Remix)
4. Jazzbeat 7 (Dday One Remix)
5. No Sky, Blue Sound (Panoram Rework)


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Artist: Session Victim
Title: Isle of Taste (Patrice Scott Remix)
Label: Night Time Stories
Release Date: June 12, 2020