Peggy Gou Maurice Fulton Earth EP

Peggy Gou and Maurice Fulton were smart to release “Jigoo” first. The lead single from Earth, their collaborative EP that will drop this Friday, is flush with hermetic cuts and left-field swerves but none come together so well as the first.

“Jigoo” has its unexpected hip-checks but that carriage of rhythm and sinister bouncing bassline make it irresistible.

“Not Sure How I Would” is more akin to Fulton’s atom-splitting back catalog and the jam band vibe pleases the longer it goes on – a ten minute mix of this would be not just playable but preferable.

The full Earth EP is out this Friday; preorder vinyl/digital on Bandcamp.


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Artist: Maurice Fulton & Peggy Gou
Title: Earth EP
Label: Gudu Records
Release Date: March 13 2020