Records like this make Bandcamp feel like the whole world. 12 House Cuts About Nothing is made up of “older house music sketches from the archives” by Photonz, a producer whose choice records on Violet’s Naive and Acid Avengers we’ve covered here in the past.

A sketch (though these are “recently finished”) is sometimes all a good house track needs to be. “The Party Was Life” is a case in point: you can mentally deconstruct the idea behind this — a vocal clip recorded straight to the MPC like the ’80s echo’ing to the four corners of the club, mathematical drum patterns and a dirging bassline plunging beneath. Other tracks feature a bit of electro, a smear of acid, and a lot of really dope basslines. The atmospheric “Better Dreams” and Armando-esque “Focus” are strong tracks.

It’s a buck a track. Hard to go wrong.

⚪️ Tracklisting

Photonz: 12 House Cuts About Nothing (Digital)
1. Photonz: The Party Was Life (05:27)
2. Photonz: Storm (07:16)
3. Photonz: Margem Sul (04:42)
4. Photonz: New Ride (05:15)
5. Photonz: Focus (04:39)
6. Photonz: Sword Fight (07:11)
7. Photonz: The Tower (07:04)
8. Photonz: Better Dreams (04:46)
9. Photonz: Internal Unveiling (05:24)
10. Photonz: Brand New Illusions (08:01)
11. Photonz: Can A MF Live (05:02)
12. Photonz: Stay Cool & Dance (05:57)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was not submitted as a promo.

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