Every time I think I know the complete story of house’n’techno’n’the world’n’everything, some new voice echoes out of the past and I realize I know nothing.

This is one of those records, it announces its presence from the needle drop and makes everyone in a room ask, “What the fuck is that?”

Unearthed by Tony Fairchild’s Was/Is, Jitterballz is a 1997 release by a group named Phreax, “born out of the friendship of Ade Pressly and Guy Buss, two rockers-turned-ravers by the acid house and balearic explosion of late ’80s London.” Jitterballz is one of three of their records for MC Projects, showing such a thoroughly knowledge of the deep lore of Detroit-style electro you would think they hunkered down in Mad Mike’s basement for a spell before escaping.

Here is the title track from a scratchy YouTube recording:

The originals go for serious cash on Discogs (one commenter suggests that the lack of reviews on the site suggests “no one wants to comment in fear of drawing more attention to it.”). The Was/Is reissue is expected in December on wax.


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Artist: Phreax
Title: Jitterballz EP
Label: Was/Is
CAT: WI 06
Release Date: December 2018 (vinyl)