“Svoboda” means freedom, and like most beautiful concepts it is most often used as a stick to club people down with. It’s also the title of a new record from one of my favorite labels in the world, Private Persons.

Svoboda is the title of Locked Club’s forthcoming record, a cyclone of distorted breakbeats and lo-fi haze that takes on “governmental issues with Russian club culture – raids, shutdowns of clubs and major festivals”:


“Damage was inflicted on our beloved clubs and festivals such as Outline, Arma17, Rabitza. We admire our neighbors who fought for their houses and managed to protect them: Ukrainian Closer, British Fabric and Georgian Bassiani.

“This is a message about a sincere wish to save equality and independence. There’s no place for political games in our cultural life. Only freedom matters.”


Svoboda is an electro cyclone of distorted breakbeats banging through a lo-fi haze. About the last Locked Club record, Forever Punk, I wrote: “The sound is rough, drowning in acid and distorted hip hop animated by a bassline that’s barely been tamed. If I sound like a man who just witnessed a car crash, a bank robbery and a motorcycle stunt – I think I have.” Make that a double: these guys capture and evoke ecstasy and fury in equal measures. Listen here:

Svoboda is out in November on wax, follow Locked Club here.

A1. Locked Club: Nega Arashi (ft. RLGN)
A2. Locked Club: Svoboda (ft. Vadim Seleznev)
A3. Locked Club: Panagoi
B1. Locked Club: Electro Raw
B2. Locked Club: Punk Navsegda

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Artist: Locked Club
Title: Svoboda
Label: Private Persons
Release Date: November 2018 (vinyl)