Rabotat Records is a new LA-based record label with a dope logo and a wide-ranging sound. On “Re-Animator,” that sound would be the kind of mental techno familiar to connoisseurs for a timeless durability that never goes out of style.

Named (maybe) for the 1985 sci-fi & horror classic or the Lovecraft reference material, “Re-Animator” is the stand out on Rabotat’s debut EP, a collaboration between co-owners Ironfist and Madame De Fer.

I love this type of brutalism in sound, tracks that might be salvaged from an unreleased OST for an unfinished science fiction universe. Re-Animator/SINN is out now on Beatport.

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Artist: Ironfist and Madame De Fer
Title: “Re-Animator”
Label: Rabotat Records
Release Date: digital