You’re going to be hearing more about this, because it’s such a good story. Long held to be one of the rarest speed garage records of all time, the white label sometimes called “London Vibes,” after the first track, and sometimes “Fungus Mungus Volume One” for a sticker pressed on the label, sells for huge amounts of money, provided you can find one. Almost no one can. A couple of years ago I heard from the person that made it and held on to that with the promise that we’d cover it more thoroughly after a coming reissue by one the best sources for rare UK Garage and 2step, Shuffle ‘n’ Swing.

And here we are: the two A side tracks, “London Vibes” and “Escape” on a white label 10″ remastered, stamped and stickered in 300 copies. It’s sold out at its source but there are a few washing through the shops as we speak.

Cutmaster Ace: SW15 London Vibes (Shuffle ‘n’ Swing) Tracklisting
A1. Cutmaster Ace: London Vibes (SW15)
B1. Cutmaster Ace: Escape (SW15)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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