We’re drowning in Ben Gomori right now. It’s not an unpleasant experience. The UK producer is on a roll, with a torrent of great records coming out right now on a variety of formats. And that was even before the big reveal when he outed his rather prolific production alias, G. Markus (described by 5 Mag’s Terry Matthew as “a man or woman who clearly loves the sound of a synth and organ.” It was mostly right!)

Among his current releases is this Rhapsodise EP, released by resurgent dance music powerhouse Peppermint Jam. The title track is a deep organ jam of the sort that is never in high supply:

Rhapsodise is out now from Peppermint Jam. Listen to the full EP on SoundCloud and get it at Traxsource.

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Artist: Ben Gomori
Title: Rhapsodise EP
Label: Peppermint Jam
Release Date: Digital, out now