Big Daddy Rick is in rare form on Passion Play, a new four track EP from Shall Not Fade.

There are many sides of Rick Wade, one of my favorites is his hip-hop persona Darkskills (I wrote about his last mixtape here and according to iTunes I’ve played it 46 times since then). Some of the tracks on Passion Play, like the title track, are the straight-ahead Harmonie Park godfather that you know and love. Others, though, like “Zero Ningen” bring that sample-heavy chill-out dub vibe from his mixtape adventures into the deep house world.

All four tracks are included in this stream and you will be hard pressed to find a flaw in any of them:

Passion Play is out now; check the vinyl and digital from the source on Bandcamp.

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Artist: Rick Wade
Title: Passion Play
Label: Shall Not Fade
CAT: ?
Release Date: July 2018