An impressive team of performers collaborate on the sunniest song this side of a Leroy Burgess concert.

“Favourite Dream” is the A side cut on Excursions Vol 1, a 7″ from Roots Underground and featuring a vocals that channel a supernatural chanteuse by Jane Hamilton, Filippo Guerrieri on the Rhodes and Rico Herrera doing practically everything else. Elegant and blindingly bright, this jazz-inflected soulful house masterpiece is made to order for fans of Joe Claussell, Alton Miller and Louie Vega’s warmest, most musically-included productions.

Brilliant in every way you can imagine. Excursions Vol 1 is out now on 7″ vinyl and digital from Bandcamp.

Rico Herrera: Favourite Dream (Roots Underground) Track Listing
1. Rico Herrera: Favorite Dream feat. Jane Hamilton & Filippo Guerrieri (04:24)
2. Rico Herrera: I Love My Pork Pie Hat feat. Lorenzo Morresi (04:47)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo on behalf of the label.


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