Robert Hood to reissue minimal classic Underestimated EP

The remastered EP originally released in 1998 is out on M-Plant on March 12...

“Underestimated” is a word rarely associated with Robert Hood but the 1998 EP marks the return of his Perpetual Masters series on March 12, 2021.

Underestimated is regarded as an absolute classic of minimal techno, particularly the A2 track “Sleep Is The Cousin of Death.” Stripped down to the studs and the floorboards, Robert Hood built a powerful atmosphere with a deliberately limited palette of tools — just machine-friendly percussion, a skeletal synth riff and fractional seconds of samples that didn’t so much provide a melody as suggest one. The same tactics were deployed on “Black Man’s Word,” with the substitution of what sounds like a fractional second of captured birdsong from 808 State’s “Pacific State.”

These tracks don’t just bang but are rich in history as a vital milepost in Hood’s trajectory as an artist, from Underground Resistance through the advent of minimalism and the evolution into the hybrid sounds of Floorplan (and then the evolution of Floorplan itself from a techno producer’s alias to a multigenerational family duo). In terms of consistency, quality and mutability his path has been almost without rival in electronic music of his era; perhaps only the careers of Jeff Mills and Louie Vega (in very different ways) can match it.

The remastered edition of Underestimated EP will be released on vinyl and digital on March 12, 2021 on M-Plant.


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Artist: Robert Hood
Title: Underestimated EP
Label: M-Plant
CAT: M.PM036
Release Date: March 12 2021


A1. Robert Hood: Black Man’s Word
A2. Robert Hood: Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death
B. Robert Hood: Hard To Kill

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by EPM Music.


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