Future Rootz are a group of Chicago DJs blasting out the electrified roots of dance music with an emphasis on Afro-, Latin House and the sounds going down at the intersection of funk and soul.

On the label front, Future Rootz’s latest record, What Goes Up Remixed, features the Chicago Afrobeat Project with the immortal Afropop legend Tony Allen (who, with his Jeff Mills collaboration, may have to be reclassified as he’s produced more electronic music lately than some of the veterans in this scene…)

There are choice remixes of several tracks, including Jose Marquez’s remix of “I No Know,” Sound Culture’s remix of “White Rhino” and the song we’re here to play for you today, Ron Trent‘s spellbinding remix of “Afro Party”:

You can listen to the full 7 track experience on SoundCloud. The record is out now on digital and on handsome black wax; check it here on Bandcamp.


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Artist: Chicago Afrobeat Project Featuring Tony Allen
Title: Afro Party (Ron Trent Redub)
Label: Future Rootz
Release Date: April 26, 2019 (vinyl + digital)