I was curious how this inspired new label called “Yellow Jackets” was putting out records so quickly — launching with a split Mark de Clive-Lowe/Atjazz/Mistworks/Aybee EP first, and one from Ron Trent backed by Other Lands just a few weeks later.

It turns out the yellow-sleeved label is the in-house imprint (or an in-house imprint) of Mother Tongue, which explains both the frequency and the incredible content they’ve dropped at launch.

Yellow Jackets are 12″ releases intended as a showcase; Volume 2 leads off with Ron Trent‘s synthfully sincere “The Medi.” Originally dropped as a special Bandcamp exclusive (and “constructed while riding trains and in hotel rooms traveling through Italy”), “The Medi” sets a meditative mood that’s fractured like a shattered glass in a hail of percussion. Incredible vibe on this:

Still copies available on vinyl at Juno.

Ron Trent: The Medi (Yellow Jackets) Track Listing
A1. Ron Trent: “The Medi” (9:53)
B1. Other Lands: “Matter” (Reshaped) (6:19)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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