Reissued on a funky little 10″ vinyl plate, “Reaching For The Highest Pleasure” is just a MOOD. The original was recorded in 1977 but re-discovered among the Roy Ayers’ “Virgin Ubiquity” studio sessions, and is built around a rhythm section wound up tight to perfectly set up Roy’s spine-tingling solo on the vibraphone.

The big deal here is Pépé Bradock’s remix of “I Am Your Mind Part II.” This originally appeared on 2006’s Virgin Ubiquity Remixed (with remixes of the same track by Mr V. and Basement Jaxx). Bradock’s mix is elemental, fundamental, transcendental, a séance of soul, Ayers’ spoken word both passionate and otherworldly, voices blown out by a gale and amplified, harmonized when it blows back in as the cry of the Most Divine.

BBE is releasing this 10″ on August 12, 2022, the remix isn’t posted yet but here it is from 2018 on Roy Ayers’ official channel:

Pre-order from BBE on Bandcamp.

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Roy Ayers: Reaching For The Highest Pleasure Track Listing
A1. Roy Ayers: Reaching For The Highest Pleasure
B1. Roy Ayers: I Am Your Mind Part II (Pépé Bradock Main Mix)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by the label.


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