Classy deep house from S. Hoellermann gets a cosmetic makeover for the ’90s and, weirdly, the ’20s too. The original, instrumental mix of “Pressure” is the kind of rolling, smooth deep stuff that first got me hooked on Hoellermann’s tracks something like a decade ago: it’s music that’s nodding if you’re in the mood for that and a volatile dancefloor accelerant at other times.

The vocal mix features clips from an ancient sample CD — an artifact of the ’90s, you used to buy these things with titles like 1000 Jungle Drum Loops stuffed with royalty-free samples. The strange thing here is that it sounds oddly contemporary — a sound usually dubbed “ravey” roared back just before the pandemic and dominated much of underground dance music since. This is more clubby than that — you could imagine sending copies of this out to Billboard reporters and waiting by the fax for the feedback forms to roll in.

⚪️ Tracklisting

S. Hoellermann: Pressure (Digital)
1. S. Hoellermann: Pressure (Vocal)
2. S. Hoellermann: Pressure (Instrumental)

This record was submitted as a promo.


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