dirty games saine and smith

It takes awhile to get there but “Dirty Games” will lead you to the promised land. The title track is the highlight of the new EP from Saine & Smith, a duo from Stockholm, Sweden about to drop a new EP for Mike Simonetti, Adam Gerrard and Mike Sniper’s 2MR.

Seasoned with a sample from the late Vince Montana, Jr.’s orchestra of disco wonders (“Who Needs Enemies (With Friends Like You)”) “Dirty Games” strikes a match, lights the wick and builds into a soulphonic frenzy. Check:

The complete Dirty Games EP features six tracks and three of them are gems – the radiant “Dirty Games,” the punished synthwave sound of “Moon Monsters” and the dub musique concrete of “Street Converse.”

Dirty Games is out May 17. Stream here and “Dirty Games” (the song) is available for download here.


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Artist: Saine & Smith
Title: “Dirty Games”
Label: 2MR
Release Date: May 17, 2019