Changes takes its title from Chicago DJ Samone’s long-running, somewhat infrequent residency, and the first record is a funk monster.

Changes 001 has been sitting in a folder here for more than a month and all I can do is apologize to you, the reader, the digger, the DJ. For all of the DJs who have an unquenchable thirst for new sounds, Samone loves up two ancient scriptures from the book of disco and as Confucius said via Ezra Pound: makes it new.

“Dream World” is a drum-lover’s delight on par with some of the funk cuts that escape from KON’s bag, but the real treasure here is the low-slung magnificence of the tribute to The Cool Gent, Chicago radio icon Herb Kent:

Changes 001 – dibs volume 1 is out now and available for name-your-price on Bandcamp.


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Artist: Samone
Title: Changes Presents: dibs volume one
Label: Changes
CAT: Changes 001
Release Date: December 13 2019