I’m over the days of wondering why certain records aren’t immediately regarded by the tastemakers of the world as a big deal and instead content myself with shouting that hey — this is a big fucking deal. Scan 7 are royalty in this part of the music world yet choose to stand slightly obscure, half in shadow and half a blur passing through. From their first two EPs on Underground Resistance and another on the ultra-select UR subsidiary Somewhere In Detroit (just look at this roster if you doubt those words), they’ve carved out a unique niche entirely for themselves.

Some of their records were a call for an uprising; Sooner Than Later is a call for a party in the roiling American streets. All three tracks on Sooner Than Later are volcanic — the rooted high rise funk groove of “All For Me,” the proto-Chicago House of “The Best Is Yet To Come” and our track of the moment, “The Funk That Stunk” that builds like a techno doomsday machine counting down the last minutes until detonation.

What a thrill — Sooner Than Later is out now on vinyl and digital as the 50th release from Heist.


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Artist: Scan 7
Title: “The Funk That Stunk”
Label: Heist Recordings
Release Date: Out Now (12″ vinyl/digital)


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