There is an epidemic of pleasant fainting fits sweeping the scene as just a ridiculous amount of great UK Garage-influenced records are coming out. Garage Connection is another. Forthcoming from Hi! Energy Records, Garage Connection features four stellar tracks that take a dancefloor on a head-wrecking tour from London to the specters and spirits of Sound Factory Bar.

I wrote a review highlighting the entire package for the next issue of 5 Mag but I wanted to highlight in particular the last track before the run-out of this vinyl-only release. Soledrifter is a new name to me (I think) but his track “Let Me Sing” is the secret gem on a diamond-studded release – a stripped down funky jam that could have been hiding in Cajmere’s closet all these years:

Check out the entire EP featuring tracks from Lombard Street and Melodymann here. This is vinyl-only and will be released (by the latest information we have) in early January 2019; pre-orders are up in a variety of record joints, including


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Artist: Soledrifter
Title: “Let Me Sing” (From V/A: Garage Connection EP)
Label: Hi! Energy
Release Date: January 2019 (vinyl)