Sound Therapy is a three man project from Milan, Italy, staring Andrea Troccoli, Alessandro Paolone and young deep house hotshot Nicolas Meyer. Together, the three are bringing the live element back to deep house with a jazzy debut LP called Black Fever.

If you’re a fan of complex arrangement and quality musicianship, this is an album you’re going to love to play. Tracks like “Rio” showcase virtuoso performances, a big thumping funky beat and solos that hang right in the pocket. Fela is probably an influence; Afro-Latin flourishes abound throughout. Black Fever is one of the few albums produced these days that offer genuine surprises throughout, a package of earthly and unearthly delights from start to finish.

Sound Therapy’s Black Fever LP will be released by Closer To Truth in a Traxsource exclusive on April 26 2018. Check out ST on Facebook for some videos of their live shows.

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Artist: Sound Therapy
Title: Black Fever
Label: Closer To Truth
CAT: Closer To Truth 025
Release Date: 26/04/2018 (Traxsource Exclusive)



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