#ListenUp Electronic Jazz Supergroup Spiral Deluxe Drops Voodoo Magic

Jeff Mills on drums, Gerald itchell on keys, Yumiko Ohno on the Moog, Kenji Hino on bass.

A two day session in Paris has resulted in one of the most electrifying albums of the year.

Voodoo Magic is the debut album from electronic jazz supergroup Spiral Deluxe. Originally formed in 2014, the members include Jeff Mills taking over on percussion and drums (not a recent interest, but a notable one), Gerald Mitchell (UR, Galaxy 2 Galaxy, Los Hermanos) on keys, Kenji “Jino” Hino on bass and Yumiko Ohno (Buffalo Daughter) playing the Moog, plus Tanya Michelle and and Angel Starr on “Let It Go.” As a result of a two tway jam session at Studio Ferber in Paris, the group without a dedicated jazz musician came out with a jazz album that bleeds through the barriers of genre into something wholly new.

Especially check above the remix of the silky R&B number “Let It Go” by Terrence Parker. Big keys, big vocals, big hooks make this the cut of the record.

Voodoo Magic is out now via Jeff Mills’ Axis Records.

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Artist: Spiral Deluxe
Title: Let It Go (Terrence Parker Mix)
Label: Axis Records
CAT: AX-076
Release Date: Out Now (vinyl & digital)