Steffi and Virginia on Ostgut Ton

Rarely do you see a “single” spun out from an EP, but this is an EP in name only. Work A Change is a collaboration between Steffi and Virginia – an EP in name but LP in length, featuring 8 tracks spread out over a double 12″ release from the house label for Ostgut Ton.

That first single, “Help Me Understand,” is a total cut – a vibrant uptempo electro strut with sinister carpenter-esque synthesized scream FX keeping it dancing right there on the edge. Listen up:

This is some dope shit right here. Ostgut Ton is releasing the full Work A Change record on September 20 2019. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify. Buy the vinyl at Ostgut Ton.


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Artist: Steffi X Virginia
Title: Help Me Understand (from Work A Change)
Label: Ostgut Ton
CAT: o-ton 122
Release Date: September 20 2019 digi/vinyl