Nigeria 70 box set from Strut

Strut is packaging together all four volumes with some extra bells and whistles for their Nigeria 70 box set.

The series which began in 2001 was groundbreaking in exposing the sounds of Lagos to a wider audience. Among the artists showcased in the series are names that were known internationally primarily among scraggly record collectors like Chief Checker, Monomono, Orlando Julius and King Sunny Ade.

The Nigeria 70 box set contains 9 LPs and a 24 page booklet with previously unpublished interviews from artists and others from the country’s ’70s music scene, and a digital download of the Nigeria 70 documentary narrated by singer, songwriter and performer Wunmi.

The Nigeria 70 box set is available in a limited edition of 500 from the Strut store.


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Artist: V/A
Title: Nigeria 70 Box Set
Label: Strut
Release Date: Ships January 3 2020