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Detroit Techno Records has announced the first vinyl EP from seminal producer James Pennington (aka Suburban Knight) in over ten years.

The four track Suburban Knight EP will be out in September in a limited, vinyl-only release sold exclusively on Detroit Techno Records Bandcamp page.

Pennington as the Suburban Knight has been a fixture in Detroit’s techno scene for more than 30 years, co-writing Inner City’s “Big Fun,” releasing one of the early Trasmat hits with “The Groove,” probably one of the best Underground Resistance joints ever with Nocturbulous Behavior and pioneering a certain deep and sinister sound on the skeletal funk of “The Art of Stalking.” Pennington released far fewer records than his peers but nearly every one of them could be a milestone in the evolution of not just a career but an entire genre.

Listen to clips from the Suburban Knight EP:

Suburban Knight is out September 27, 2020 on Detroit Techno Records.

Suburban Knight: Suburban Knight EP (Detroit Techno Records)
A1. Suburban Knight: Inner City
A2. Suburban Knight: Inner City 207737 Re- Edit
B1. Suburban Knight: Species
B2. Suburban Knight: Intel Bombs ft Ray 7


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Artist: Suburban Knight
Title: Suburban Knight: Inner City (from Suburban Knight EP)
Label: Detroit Techno Records
Release Date: September 27 2020 (Vinyl Only)


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