Supercinema Records can boast of some of the most gorgeous and most unique artwork in the business – powerful illustrations for cover art that evoke scenes from science fiction, horror and classic noir. And while visuals are important (30% of the neurons in the brain are devoted to processing sight), it helps that the music is really good. Their third release follows up on Luke Hess’ brilliant Supercinema 02 (reviewed here) with a new four track EP from Foreign Material aka Martin Respaut. And it’s out today.

An Infinity of Sand” is the kind of dreamy, druggy music that has had a renewed poignancy in a world of gloomy skies and empty urban streets. The driving but spirited “Inside the Shield” and “The Coming of the Forgotten” offer a series of cinematic set-pieces orchestrated by vibey, atmospheric techno that exists behind the veil of gloom.

Supercinema 03 is out today with a remix by Crossing Avenue; get it here.


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Artist: Foreign Material
Title: “An Infinity of Sand” (from Supercinema 03 EP)
Label: Supercinema Records
Release Date: April 10 2020


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