A new compilation pays tribute to the late Chicago DJ Amar.

TECHNO WAR: In Loving Memory of Legendary DJ Amar is a 23 track compilation and was in development by Amar himself for his label Konfused Konfliction. After his sudden and unexpected death on March 25, 2019, friends picked up the baton, finishing this last work and turning TECHNO WAR into a tribute to Amar himself.

The first track is an audio recording from Amar about his philosophy of putting records together – hearkening back to his beginnings and arguing for a standard of quality for “real fucking music that will blow their minds.”

Artists whose music is featured on the compilation include Chicago’s Ricky Sinz, Kev Willis, Alex Rampol, El Brujo, MOT3K, Antonio Lombardo, MaKaJa Gonzales, DJQ, Tony No Name, DJ D ReDD, Miss Adk, Ronnie Vineyard, Pain__T, Pierdavide Lagana, Coach, Van Dexter, Dr. House and more.

Born Amar Herron, DJ Amar first rose to prominence on the back of two split ghetto house EP in the 1990s – one with DJ Slick Rick Da Master and another, Getto Style/Konfused Konfliction, with DJ Funk. He later appropriated the name “Konfused Konfliction” for the name of his digital label, which released its last record just two weeks prior to his death.

TECHNO WAR: In Loving Memory of Legendary DJ Amar will be released on Jambalay Records on May 24, 2019. You can listen to the comp in the YouTube video above. All proceeds will go to Amar’s family. They have also opened a GoFundMe campaign to defray the costs of Amar’s funeral expenses, as we wrote about in the last issue of 5 Mag. Listen to a selection here:


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Artist: Various
Title: Techno War: In Loving Memory of Legendary DJ Amar
Label: Jambalay Records
Release Date: May 24, 2019 (digital)