Back in 2013 (!) we published a track teardown with a guy from Sheffield, UK named “thatmanmonkz.” It was for a brand new label, Shadeleaf, and inspired our im/print series today in which we showcase some of the new labels that pop up on a seemingly daily basis.

Nearly six years later, thatmanmonkz is a cat who fits into the hackneyed category of “needing no introduction.” He really doesn’t. He’s released music on the best labels in existence at this moment in time – Delusions of Grandeur, Dirt Crew, etc. – and his own records on his own labels Shadeleaf and SWAT have killed it.

And this – thatmanmonkz’s “Easy Still” on Shadeleaf – is going to be one of your freaky funk jams of 2019:

Backed by the “basement-ready Wash Good,” this is a record that sells itself. Play it loud, play it often, play it before everyone else catches up and runs it into the ground.

Easy Still/Wash Good from thatmanmonkz is out May 17, 2019 on Shadeleaf Records.


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Artist: thatmanmonkz
Title: “Easy Still”
Label: Shadeleaf Music
Release Date: May 17, 2019 (vinyl)


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