If there is a secret formula to explain how The Advent makes his drums pop out of the record like sand volcanos, he’s keeping it to himself.

Life Cycles is The Advent’s latest album (and Cisco Ferreira’s first electro album in 17 years) and the collection of previously unreleased tracks originally composed in the 1990s is going over like an earthquake. Percussion is everything, and the drums on Life Cycles fire at the speed of sound. Among the more immediately process-able tracks is “Vast” — an appropriate title for a track with a swagger that could fill out a reboot of Escape From New York.

The whole of Life Cycles is out now on vinyl from Clone Listen to a minimix of the album via Cultivated Electronics.

Photo by Sven Scholten via the-advent.com.


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Artist: The Advent
Title: Vast
Label: Cultivated Electronics
Release Date: Out now


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