Fantastically dope, dirty and elegant by turns, the space-minded cosmonauts of Culture Power 45 present us with The Degabah System, an “interstellar” trio with their debut album Saqqara. Titled after the Egyptian village and site of the ancient Pyramid of Djoser, the album contains 14 tracks, most of which are fairly short but potent, powerful meditations on chill beats and orbited by swerving deep house grooves. The soulful but bleepy “Up Sibley BLVD” emerges as kind of the touchstone sound of Saqqara, with the solitary night voyage jukebox of “Chi Nites” following close behind. Drum sounds are layered and fuzzy, with hats that sizzle under chords and swaying synths. This record should be everywhere this summer. It’s everything you want from an electronic album. It’s on heavy, heavy rotation here.

⚪️ Tracklisting

The Degabah System: Saqqara (Culture Power 45 / 12" Vinyl + Cassette + CD + Digital)
1. The Degabah System: Enter The Degabah (04:32)
2. The Degabah System: Systematic Mysterious Happiness (04:00)
3. The Degabah System: Up Sibley BLVD (02:59)
4. The Degabah System: Chi Nites (03:51)
5. The Degabah System: 7ZARK7 (02:43)
6. The Degabah System: Old Gold Ascots (01:11)
7. The Degabah System: The S Factor (03:00)
8. The Degabah System: The Birth of Imhotep (04:07)
9. The Degabah System: The Bride (03:02)
10. The Degabah System: Ben Is Here (04:06)
11. The Degabah System: The Dog Star (00:48)
12. The Degabah System: More Sofa Love (04:12)
13. The Degabah System: STOP (03:28)
14. The Degabah System: The Light of Degabah (02:24)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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