The Grammy Award nominated album Weather marked a new direction in Tycho’s evolution, which began with a producer in his bedroom, bloomed to encompass a live trio and eventually a full band with vocals.

Scott Hansen announced the latest chapter in the chronicles of Tycho with Stress, a glimpse at a forthcoming album that will connect the future with the past. As if to demonstrate, the EP features the cut “No Stress” featuring vocalist Saint Sinner from the Weather LP with a new official video. There is also the brilliant “Stress,” instrumental and evocative of Tycho’s best Awake-era productions, and a “literal instrumental version” of “No Stress” with vocals muted, intended to be “a bridge between the two interpretations.” Listen up:

The new album and Weather are designed to be “companion albums, explor[ing] the same core concepts from two totally different perspectives.”

The Stress EP is out today. And the new video for “No Stress” is below:


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Artist: Tycho
Title: Stress
Label: Mom+Pop/Ninja Tune
Release Date: December 12 2019