Felipe Gordon was an Upstairs Asylum artist even before the label existed.

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The Sundowners EP is a Various Artists compilation that leads off with two tracks from Gordon: the cut-up jazz jam “Find Yourself In Others” and the affirmative declaration of that description, “I’m A Jazz Cat.”

Known from his records on NDATL and elsewhere, Stefan Ringer leads the B side with the soulful “You Know,” elevated by sparse chords, heady vibes and the best use of a vocoder (or seriously heavy autotune) this century. The Brian Neal/Avalon Kalin project Deepset closes out with the deep house dubby “U Got Dat.” (TM /)

The Sundowners EP is out now on vinyl-only from Upstairs Asylum; unsurprisingly, there is already a “low-stock alert” at Juno.

V/A: The Sundowners EP (Upstairs Asylum / April 2022 / 12″ Vinyl) Track Listing
A1. Felipe Gordon – “Find Yourself In Others” (6:14)
A2. Felipe Gordon – “I’m A Jazz Cat” (5:50)
B1. Stefan Ringer – “You Know” (5:57)
B2. Deepset – “U Got Dat” (5:30)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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