There’s a sophistication and a rare musicality to the smooth languorousness of Wardner’s “Expectations,” the lead track from this two piece EP on an imprint called Metro South. It’s a label I’ve never heard of, with a producer who seems new, at least under this alias. But I assure you it’s worth it.

The soulful dream house draws in a bandstand worth of instruments, each taking a turn jamming on the vibrant riff and warm melodies of “Expectations,” from shiny brass to glistening keys. The b side “Simplism” is a bit more clubby, dubby and grounded:

This is out now and available digitally from Bandcamp.

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Wardner: Expectations / Simplism (Metro South) Track Listing
1. Wardner: Expectations (07:32)
2. Wardner: Simplism (07:06)

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