Eddie Matos presents Renditions

Cyclo continues to binge on their back catalog with a reissue of Renditions from Eddie Matos.

Sixteen years ago I first heard Eddie Matos’ “Better Dayz” on a compilation from the legendary Afterhours mixed by a freshfaced lad from Chicago named Mazi. I’m not sure if I was aware of Eddie’s solo tracks apart from the already enormous Mateo & Matos discography, but “Better Dayz” was a fine introduction to them then, and will serve as a better one now.

Renditions is the most surprising of Cyclo’s recent binge of reissues (they’re focusing heavily on Spencer Kincy and now JT Donaldson, for good reason because nearly every one of their Cyclo releases are stone cold classics) but it’s a welcome addition nonetheless. Oft imitated, Eddie’s “Better Dayz” and “Lisen 2 Da Muzik” were all hung up on a Disco hangover. In time even saying the phrase “filtered disco” would make people chuck out their entire collection of records from this era, but here it’s a rugged record for the perfect time when you need to transition out of heavy instrumentals into something sweet. I actually like the dubby versions (“Better Beats” and “Lisen 2 Da Beats”) a bit better today – you’ll find them infinitely more flexible in a set. A little gem from the past, not rare but welcomed back in circulation.

Eddie Matos presents Renditions (Cyclo)
1. Eddie Matos “Listen 2 Da Muzik” (06:54)
2. Eddie Matos “Listen 2 Da Beats” (05:23)
3. Eddie Matos “Better Dayz” (07:10)
4. Eddie Matos “Better Beats” (05:15)


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