Romanthony Rediscovered: Trust Remixes, Remastered & Reissued

Kerri Chandler's remix of Romanthony's "Trust" is one of the greatest deep house tracks ever made.

On this reissue you can find one of the greatest, most sublime deep house tracks ever made. It’s the first track on the B-side of the first disc and it’s Kerri Chandler‘s dub of the incomparable Romanthony’s “Trust.”

Trust: The Remixes were originally released in 2001 (and what a year that must have been for Romanthony, with “One More Time” dropping on Daft Punk’s Discovery). Kerri’s remix is so baig that to this day you can find copies of the second 12″ of the set on sale by itself. This was reissued in 2015 with a fidelity to the original (unlike most of the Romanthony records that have been released since he died, including remixes of “Trust,” which have been poor additions to his legacy). They brought it back for this “remastered” set. The truth of the matter is that there can never be enough copies of this made to satisfy demand, though some are going to balk at the price ($30 for a double 12″).

Jay J’s Moulton Studio mix is rootsy affair that frankly sounds primed for remixing itself. Pete Moss’ remix is from the era – that smooth early ’00s vibe that always makes me think of Mark Grant. Sandy Rivera’s mixes have not aged well though some still appreciate the Latin swing he brings here. It’s Kerri’s dub artistry that carries the day, even years later. I mean one of the best things about this record is that you can look into the minds of all these different people who brought their own visions and interpretations of Romanthony’s “Trust” to the table and wonder how the hell Kerri saw this. That includes Romanthony himself, whose remix of his own material is on the C side.

Romanthony presents Lifestyles: Trust: The Remixes (Remastered) / Downtown 161
1. Romanthony presents Lifestyles: “Trust” (Jay J Moulton Studio mix)
2. Romanthony presents Lifestyles: “Trust” (Kerri Chandler dub)
3. Romanthony presents Lifestyles: “Trust” (Pete Moss mix)
4. Romanthony presents Lifestyles: “Trust” (Trust DNR dub)
5. Romanthony presents Lifestyles: “Trust” (original mix Re-Mastered)
6. Romanthony presents Lifestyles: “Trust” (Sandy Riviera remix)
7. Romanthony presents Lifestyles: “Trust” (Sandy bonus beats)