Relatively unnoticed in the deserved hoopla around Larry Heard’s Cerebral Hemispheres LP is this classy collection of Spencer Kincy‘s best shit. The Beginning packs 4×12″ vinyl records with some of the best selections from Gemini’s incomparably prolific and high quality catalog without tipping its hat too much to the fashions of today. What does that mean? “Festival” and “Imagine A Nation” are pure Gemini, as much a part of his sound as the deeper tracks that have characterized some of the earlier reprints. They’re represented here along with the techno anxiety of “Klonopin,” the heavyweight strut of “Floating” and the cosmic jazz of “U Know How I Feel.”

Gemini: The Beginning (Another Day)
A1. Gemini: “The Beginning” (4:57)
A2. Gemini: “Floating” (4:41)
B1. Gemini: “Klonopin” (6:28)
B2. Gemini: “Klonopinless” (6:27)
C1. Gemini: “U Know How I Feel” (5:31)
C2. Gemini: “Festival” (5:00)
D1. Gemini: “Your Place Or Mine” (4:04)
D2. Gemini: “For Love” (7:40)
E1. Gemini: “Imagine A Nation” (4:44)
E2. Gemini: “Imagine A Nation” (instrumental) (5:12)
E3. Gemini: “Imagine A Beat” (2:30)
F1. Gemini: “For The Crazy I” (5:37)
F2. Gemini: “For The Crazy II” (4:40)
G1. Gemini: “Welcome To The Future I” (5:35)
G2. Gemini: “Welcome To The Future II” (5:06)
H1. Gemini: “Blast Me” (4:41)
H2. Gemini: “Jovial” (7:36)


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