Secret Studio is increasingly becoming one of those labels (DVS1‘s Mistress Records is like this) that becomes your favorite label’s favorite label. It could put your favorite label out of business and the owner would still buy two copies of their newest cut. SSR doesn’t release a ton, and what passes through the filter I’m increasingly inclined to vouch for before I even listen.

But listening is the point. Gloriously hypnotic, “Pattern On The Floor” is an anchorweight for the next magnificent Secret Studio release and is going to serve the same function for your sets, too. It’s like someone passed a magnet over the last three decades of underground electronic music and extracted just the choice bits – just the parts that really matter, that really have something REAL to them from the perspective of 30 years on. Grab some vintage Detroit/Windsor drum work and add the grandeur of early Joey Beltram and the rhythmic gallop of Armando’s acid tracks and boil it down to the sludge stuck to the underside of a speaker after 12 hours in a warehouse, and there you have it. “Release Yourself” is an acid boogie jam, an even more flexible track for the crate, but I can’t pass on the bone-dry dystopian rhapsody of “Pattern.”

2AMFM: SCS07 (Secret Studio Records)
1. 2AMFM: Pattern on the Floor (05:39)
2. 2AMFM: Release Yourself (08:14)

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