30303 Interstellar Rhythm album artwork

Five vacuum-freezed acid artifacts stolen from an alien civilization, channeled by 30303. Interstellar Rhythm is an EP with the scope of an album. And it’s tight as fuck — like a sandbox for new experiments that all resolve down to a tweaked and spiked 303 stem.

Make no mistake: Interstellar Rhythm is an exhausting record, in the way that the original g-daddy “Acid Tracks” is exhausting. It’s a record that simulates intense emotional states and then takes your psyche for a joyride. The conduit and curator for this collection is Charles Elliott, an Atlantan who diagrams a movement for this EP so tight you could trace it on a grid, a gradient starting with steamy breakbeats evolving into a sullen techno growl. “Cosmos” is where it really gets going, a high-octane acid breakbeat stomper that reminds us, as Carl Sagan might have, that acid is all that is or was or ever will be. “Moon Acid” is an ethereal, atmospheric track with an unnerving Satanic gleam. “Eclipse” brings the noise — this is the grimy, Midwest acid that fucked up a generation that still can’t see straight. The EP goes to seed on “Acid Galaxy,” which scales to cinematic heights of insane grandeur.

30303: Interstellar Rhythm (Vault Wax / September 2020 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)
01. 30303: Acid Sun
02. 30303: Cosmos
03. 30303: Moon Acid
04. 30303: Eclipse
05. 30303: Acid Galaxy



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