If you play deep or need a track to round out a soulful night when the ceiling’s dripping sweat, then definitely check out this release. Go with any of the five – you can’t go wrong. After a few listens, you’ll feel the intense energy, perhaps because they’re all supa-chill deep.

The Main Mix starts clear and light, before its deep groove makes an appearance. QB’s Hot Nights Mix has a warm opening that wraps itself around your body like a giant, fuzzy blanket when it’s bitter cold and snowy. There’s even a sweet, errie vocal bit in the second half just before some hand claps bust in. (Full disclosure: I am SUCH a sucker for hand claps!)

Label owner Ralf Gum’s remix really makes the vibraphone and guitar shine over those same hand claps, and the thick, striped-down percussive opening is fab. The two Essential I mixes are gems, too. The Essential I Remix spreads an African House vibe in the beginning, along with some subtle crickets chillin’ in the background. Essential I’s Deeper Club Mix has these amazing off-beat stick taps that were too complicated to follow; but just step back, listen and you’ll really appreciate what their off-beatness adds.