Midnight Shift is probably one of the most well-known labels to be born and thrive in Asia, with 6D22 (aka Giorgio Luceri) joining a roster that’s included Deetron, Mr. G and Terrence Parker. Giorgio is easily one of my top 5 favorite producers of any given moment and every time I hear a new record from him I’m reminded why. If anyone amongst this generation could score a feature film, an experimental documentary, a modern art installation and a bangin’ house record all in the same session, I think it would be him. Adopting the 6D22 moniker (first wielded, as far as I know, on the Mathematics’ released record I Know U Have Wings), Luceri turns in an eclectic set of sounds for Dragon’s Path.

To lead off, he reaches far enough into heaven to take a bit of it away under his fingernails on “Tianlong.” That shiver that people get when they talk about “An Ending (Ascent)” or Tangerine Dream’s “Phaedra” or even classical music like Kamran Ince’s “Arches” will find an analogue in “Tianlong”: a delirium or a fever dream set perfectly in time and in tune. “Longwang” is more driving, a marvelous homage to the buoyant style of Detroit Techno and by the time that 303 makes its presence felt it takes you to a similar state of euphoria as “Tianlong”. Heinrich Mueller makes it gleam with a sinister sheer in his remix.

6D22: Dragon’s Path (Midnight Shift Records)
A1. 6D22: “Tian Long” (4:28)
A2. 6D22: “Huang Long” (6:37)
B1. 6D22: “Long Wang” (Heinrich Mueller remix) (5:17)
B2. 6D22: “Long Wang” (6:17)


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