Look at the label and you know exactly what’s inside: handclaps, sizzling synthetic drums, creepy samples and 303s tweaked until they scream. 909 Resistance is a new name to me but not his or her or their sound: this is the raw, spaciously arranged and gut-churning techno that describes in music the Rust Belt town I grew up in and provided a soundtrack for daily life in that environment.

“Subway” is 5 minutes and feels longer; “Plastik Shot” is 7 and it feels like it’s over in an instant, a derangement of the senses that leads to lapses in time and mental acuity. If you like the sound of raw, pulsating techno, this is right up your alley. This is such a great EP: simple, honest, unforgiving.

909 Resistance: Subway / Lounge Squatt
1. 909 Resistance – Subway (original mix)
2. 909 Resistance – Plastik Shot (Cheese & Bacon edit)
3. 909 Resistance – LM2 (Body edit)
4. 909 Resistance – Subway (Mik Izif Remix)



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