Acid Andee is a new name to keep your eyes on. He released a track on the Who’s Got Him? EP called “Callao” that really grabbed my attention a month or so back. This is his 2nd full length solo release ever and it’s packed with goodness.

“Feelin’ Me” is straight up dynamite. It’s got solid key stabs, an acid (go figure) style bassline and that always wonderful hanging synth to build anticipation. The vocal samples send it over the top for me. Loops of “You Feelin Me” punctuated by “Get Down” lead it back in from some wicked breakdowns. “Sea Fever” also uses some of the same tools and while I think it’s a bit more intense, at the same time it’s kind of airy too.

“Talkin’ Bass” is my 2nd favorite on this release. It features pumping tribal drum work underneath and soothing chords and strings on top. “This goes out to the crowd” vocal sample is another great one. Actually after the 3rd compliment on sample usage I’m just going to go out on a limb and say the man knows how to dig up some good stuff!

The title track “Stab Fever” is tailor fit for the main room. Easily the best synth work out of the four and it has a modern sound but still maintains a classic feel. If you’re looking for some seriously solid and cutting edge deep tech action, log Acid Andee in your brain because I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot more from him in 2012.