If we’re gonna throw back to rave records let’s have more like these, please. OverworX (label, artist and title) is a project dedicated to era when they were just “rave records,” without genre, with the 303 squelch serving as the movement’s electric guitar. “The Fuzz” takes a deep swig of technicolor kool-aid with speedy drums and an acid line that fires like a laser bank. Pure exhilaration from beginning to end. “You Better Know” sounds like one of Paul Johnson’s straight-to-cassette bangers made 10 minutes before he left for the club. This shit is so, so simple and so, so devastatingly effective at spinning bodies like charged electrons and warping dancefloors.

Overworx: OverworX 003 / OverworX (April 2020 / 12″ Vinyl)
1. Overworx: The Fuzz (04:46)
2. Overworx: You Better Know (05:27)
3. Overworx: Have A Think (06:38)
4. Overworx: Handsome Deville (04:49)



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