Adam Rios

Some artists are very well known. Some are known well by those that KNOW music! This is the case with this tight EP on the well-known Vega Records label by a guy that music lovers, DJs, and NYC Shelter-heads also know well: Adam Rios!

While the EP’s moniker, “BOOK ONE” sounds introductory, Rios’ work is anything but. He has collaborated with Timmy Regisford on countless original songs and remixes across the spectrum and diversity of artists from Stevie Wonder to Tears for Fears and from Arnold Jarvis to Josh Milan. His recent white label remix (with up-and-comer, Mark Francis) of Mary J. Blige’s, “My Life” and remix of Solution Soul’s, “Breakdown” have been mainstays in my performance sets this year!

The first cut, “Deep Tec 5”, is just that… a deep instrumental journey, filled with soulful chords that build and play well with the steady cadence of great percussion. It also contains a bangin’ organ solo by Tiger Wilson. Next up is another instrumental, “Distant Chords”, which has even more musicality throughout its 125 bpm of floor-fillin’ goodness. It is propelled by a killer collection of keys by Tiger once again… I dare you not to move!

The third track on the EP, all expertly produced by Adam, is “Love Taught Me”. It is soulful, thoughtful and graceful due in part to Sean Lucas’ beautiful keys! A relative newcomer, Tia Holt, who does a really nice job of sharing the wonderful message of writers Big Will and SuSu Stewart, vocally leads you.

Many of us already KNOW to expect this type of great production from Adam and now… you KNOW! “BOOK ONE” will have you impatiently waiting for another Adam Rios “musical novel”!